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NB-1 Treatment

Revitalize your skin with Harvard NB Biotechnology SCT technology.
Specially designed for oriental women, this treatment restores skin’s metabolic health, bringing back its natural beauty and radiance.

NB-1 Treatment
90 minutes / member price $2,400+

NB-1 Revitalizing & Firming Treatment
90 minutes / $2,700
Revitalize your skin with Cordyceps active essence to calm, firm and illuminate, achieving a glow complexion.

NB-1 Intensive Brightening Treatmen
90 minutes / $2,600
Rejuvenate your complexion with α- Arbutin + Vitamin C, delivering deep brightening from the skin’s base and evening out skin tone for a balanced look.

NB-1 Pore-Refining Treatment
90 minutes / $2,400
Refine your skin with our bioactive purifying compound and pomelo essence, designed for deep purification, acne reduction and pore tightening.

NB-1 Sensitive Soothing Treatment
90 minutes / $2,400
Repair with Centella Asiatica active essence and rose soothing activator to strengthen skin’s defense for sustained health.

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