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Treatment Guide


Vibrant Circulation Boost Massage

Natural Beauty's signature hand techniques elevate body circulation, relieve soreness and revitalize dull complexions.

60 minutes / member price $3000


Body & Soul Balance Treatment

Embrace the harmony of carefully selected botanical essential oils with our deep muscle relaxing massage, fostering a serene connection with your body.

80 minutes / member price $4500


Five Element Theory Treatment

Unlock relaxation with the deep meridian massage and premium botanical essential oils. Designed to alleviate fatigue and stress, setting you on a path to blissful well-being.

80 minutes / member price $4500


Pine Exfoliation Treatment

Unveil radiant skin with our exclusive blend of juniper wood powder, nurturing massage oils, and rose rock salt, designed to to detoxify and eliminate metabolic waste.

60 minutes / member price $3600


Pregnancy Treatment

Expertly designed to alleviate pregnancy discomfort, abdominal pain and reduce swelling, our exclusive hand techniques offer targeted relief for expectant mothers.

60 minutes / member price $2800


Body Sculpting Treatment

Designed to target stubborn fat, our non- invasive all-round body sculpting treatment provides a complete contouring solution. Effortlessly firm up your physique with our lay-back-and-slim approach.

30 minutes / member price $3500


Caesar Myofascial Release Massage

Strategic meridians mapping pinpoints the core of discomfort, with exclusive essential oil enhancing myofascial release and muscle relief, ideal for intensive massage enthusiasts.

90 minutes / member price $5000


Crystal Stone SPA

Activate deep detoxification and body balance through the far-infrared rays, negative ions, and graphene technology. It stimulates sweat glands to release “beneficial sweat”, optimizing physical health.

40 minutes / member price $2800


Nail Salon

Refine your style with our nail artistry’s detailed designs. Vibrant colors burst onto your fingertips, weaving sophistication through your daily life!

60 minutes / member price $1,700+


Water Glow Polypeptide Treatment

Hollywood red carpet regimen.
Experience gentle exfoliation and deep skin cleansing to enhance nutrient absorption, activate firmness and reveal youthful radiance!

90 minutes / member price $6,600+


NB-1 Treatment

Revitalize your skin with Harvard NB Biotechnology SCT technology.
Specially designed for oriental women, this treatment restores skin’s metabolic health, bringing back its natural beauty and radiance.

90 minutes / member price $2,400+


Youth Glow Facial Treatment

Transform your skin with deep purification, revealing its youthful essence.
Infused with peptides, folic acid, amino acids and vitamins, this treatment deeply rejuvenates, illuminating your complexion with a vibrant and youthful glow.

60 minutes / member price $3,000+

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